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Exclusive: Is Virat Kohli Really Not India’s “Blessing in Disguise”? Answers from Anjum Chopra!

<p><strong>Delhi:</strong> Following India’s defeat in the first test in Hyderabad, many believed that former captain Virat Kohli was absent from the team because he would have brought much-needed expertise. However, the team recovered in Vizag to tie the series.</p>
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<p>Things seemed to be going well for the hosts with the series tied at one and Kohli scheduled to make a comeback. However, when the team was revealed, his name was absent, and it became clear that he was unlikely to play in the series.</p>
<p>At that point, Sarfaraz Khan—who had amassed enormous runs in the previous two seasons on the local circuit—was selected for the Rajkot Test team. At Rajkot, young Sarfaraz took full advantage of his chance, hitting two fifty-score runs in a short period of time.</p>