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“It’s a Young Team with Many New Faces and Yet England are Struggling,” the former captain of IND said bluntly in response to Bazball

<p>Since Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum took over, England has been enjoying the success of their new Test cricket strategy, which is affectionately referred to as the “Bazball.” They have not only dominated opponents since then, but the technique has also raised the average of a few hitters. However, it hasn’t worked correctly under Indian circumstances.</p>
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<p>England defeated by 28 runs in the first game of the five-match series in Hyderabad, but the hosts thoroughly outclassed them in the following two matches, particularly at Rajkot, when England suffered their worst run-loss since 1934.</p>
<p>Up to the humiliation in Rajkot, England had won 14 of the 20 Test matches under McCullum’s leadership. The visitors will try to recover and tie the series 1-1 when the action moves to Ranchi in order to stay in the hunt. Former India captain Sourav Ganguly expressed his opinion before of the fourth Test that England will struggle under Indian conditions.</p>
<p>“Bazball is a great sport, but it’s hard for England to win in India.” If India loses the series, I’ll be shocked. Please keep in mind that Virat [Kohli] and KL [Rahul] are not playing for India. England is having trouble despite having a youthful squad with a lot of fresh players, Ganguly said Mid Day.</p>
<p>In addition, the former BCCI captain praised young players Sarfaraz Khan and Yashasvi Jaiswal for confronting the Englishmen fearlessly in the absence of more seasoned players. at India’s second essay at Rajkot, the former produced his second straight double-century, while his Mumbai colleague got back-to-back fifty-plus scores.</p>
<p>“Jaiswal is not only a skilled player, but he can participate in all game types. Sarfaraz is off to a good start. He now has to do well abroad. Young cricket players should learn from Sarfaraz that if they score regularly, they will eventually be given opportunities, according to Ganguly.</p>